How Does PTZ Camera Upgrade The Church’s Streaming Capabilities?

- Jan 15, 2018 -

How does PTZ camera upgrade the churchs streaming capabilities?  

In January, the Oregon area was closed due to heavy snowfall, but that did not stop the Oregon Christian Church from benefiting from its Sunday service, thanks to the new video streaming capabilities brought by JVC professional video.


Headquartered in Oregon, Oregon, OCC has an increasing number of congregations, attracting about 650 people each weekend on three Sunday services. Before PTZ Camera was installed, OCC used only one camera behind the church to deliver services. Church pastors wanted to improve their online presentations with multiple cameras, but did not want the church to feel like a television studio.


Due to bad weather, weekend service will be canceled and Scherschel recorded a service Friday before a storm in January. More than 500 people watched the service online Sunday, with several members sharing photos of the family.


Xiuge Tech offers IP control of up to 100 cameras with joystick and zoom rocker for smooth and precise camera movement control. Its seven-inch touchscreen panel controls camera groups, preset and PTZ speeds, as well as white balance, shading, aperture and other camera settings.


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