How To Setup PTZ Camera CCTV

- Jan 08, 2018 -

 How to Setup PTZ Camera CCTV 

Not long ago, the only way to operate a PTZ camera was through a joystick that was hard-wired to the camera. Ask the installer to use an additional cable to communicate with the PTZ command over the RS-485 or RS-232 protocol. In addition to coaxial cables (for video) and power cables, RS-485 or RS-232 cables are also required. RS-485 requires a pair of cables, and is still a very popular method of installation.

Although RS-485 is still very reliable, UTC technology has recently been introduced. UTC Technology (Coax) Allows PTZ commands to be sent over the same coaxial cable as the camera's video signal. UTC is also known as PTZ over coaxial cable.

In addition to controlling the PTZ directly on the DVR or using external joysticks, most modern DVRs support remote control of PTZ zoom cameras using Mac and Windows desktop software and / or iPhone and Android mobile apps.

Configure PTZ Camera

Remove the necessary screws on the bottom of the PTZ camera to access the protocol, compensation rate and camera ID switch. Switch looks like this:


SW1 Set the ID for configuring your PTZ camera. Assuming this is the first PTZ you want the controller to operate on, set this camera's ID to 001. Do this by setting switch # 1 to the on position and the remaining switches to off.

        SW2 Settings Used to set the protocol the camera will use. Set the protocol to PELCO by setting switch # 1 ON and the remaining switches OFF.

SW3 setting Used to set the baud rate that the PTZ camera will use. Set all switches to off position and set the baud rate to 9600.

Connect the wires to the camera's RS 485 +/- positive and negative terminals. Cat-5 or a standard power cord (such as a doorbell cord) can be used for this purpose. Use the doorbell line below. The positive is the one closest to the camera's power input, as shown below. The red line in this installation is positive. * Caution: Make sure that your cord is in contact with the metal part inside the terminal. A common mistake is to grip the plastic part of the wire.




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