How To Troubleshoot The PTZ Camera?

- Jan 30, 2018 -

How to troubleshoot the PTZ camera?

PTZ camera without access to LAN after the image shows what is the reason?


1) Check whether the power of the PTZ camera is normal, the infrared light will be turned on when the infrared camera obscures the photoresistor, and can hear the sound of IR cut switch;


2) Ping the IP address of the PTZ camera to see if it can ping through, if not then check the network connection, such as line, network card, crystal head with or without failure;


3) Check if the IP address of the PTZ camera conflicts with other IP devices in the LAN. If the IP address of the host and the IP address of the camera are in the same network segment,


4) Whether the software used matches with the PTZ camera (because the company camera has dynamic IP and fixed IP before the camera, the software is also different);


5) For a host test to see if the host before the video card does not support.



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