India Forest Fire Prevention Strategy

- Jan 17, 2018 -

India Forest Fire Prevention Strategy

Forestry at the same time as the Indian Constitution. The central government can make laws on forest management. Forest fire prevention is an important function of the Indian Government Department of Environment and Forest Protection.The Indian government has proposed effective monitoring of forest fires in the country in order to establish a sound database and to rapidly test the infrastructure. It is also proposed to establish a National Forest Fire Prevention Management Institute in China to conduct appropriate research, technology promotion and personnel training.


The country's total geographical area is 328.7 million hectares. The forest area recorded is 76.5 million hectares. Forest coverage accounts for 23.4% of the total area of the country. According to the latest report on the state of the forest in India (FSI 1997), the actual forest cover accounts for only 19.27% of the total geographical area (63.3 million hectares), of which only 38 million hectares are rich in forest resources with a crown density> 40%). Indian forests are endowed with rich animals and plants. India has about 45,000 plant species (12% of global plant wealth). The stock of standing timber in the country is estimated at 4.74 billion cubic meters and the annual forest increment is estimated at 87.62 million cubic meters.


This resource must meet the needs of 950 million people and 450 million head of cattle. Therefore, the state must meet the needs of 16% of the world's population from 1% of the world's forest resources. The same forest caters to 19% of the world's cattle population.


Therefore, the country's forests are under tremendous pressure. On the one hand, the poor depend on forests for their livelihoods. On the other hand, the increasing liberalization at the national and regional levels and the industrialization and rapid popularization of economic activities are exerting pressure on the resource base. Over the years, forests in the country have suffered serious losses due to increasing pressure on fuelwood, feed, demand for timber, inadequate protection of forests and the use of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry.

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