Intelligent Monitoring Box For Safe City In Xinjiang

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Intelligent Monitoring Box for Safe City in Xinjiang

    Located in the east of Xinjiang, Hami is the gateway to the mainland of China. Since ancient times, Hami has been the throat of the Silk Road. It has the titles of "Western Border Gate, Arch of China" and "Gateway to Xinjiang".

    In order for a stable society and a long-term peace in Xinjiang, Yizhou District of Hami City has comprehensively promoted the construction of a safe city, intelligent transportation and Xueliang project. By setting up a sound public security prevention and control system as its goal to realize the videos monitoring system coverage of key units, complex places, key parts and major roads is more than 90%.  

    The "Country Road Video Surveillance System Construction" is part of the Xueliang project, and the outdoor equipment box is an essential equipment to the monitoring system. At present, most outdoor equipment boxes on the market are purchased and assembled by a large number of scattered products such as network transmission equipment, switchboards, lightning protection devices and power supplies. What makes Xiuge different is the integration of the functions found in the traditional patchwork outdoor equipment boxes onto a single circuit board.


Xiuge’s intelligent monitoring box also has a unique network management capabilities which can achieve the status detection, fault diagnosis, fault alarm, fault location of the front-end equipment, so as to achieve the "smart inspection" and "unmanned " of the system’s operation and maintenance.


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