Introduction To PTZ

- Apr 25, 2017 -

According to the characteristics of its rotation can be divided into only the horizontal rotation of the horizontal head and both rotation and can rotate up and down all-round head. In general, the horizontal rotation angle is 0 ° to 350 ° and the vertical rotation angle is + 90 °. The horizontal rotation speed of the constant speed pan / tilt is generally 3 ° ~ 10 ° / s and the vertical speed is about 4 ° / s. The horizontal rotation speed of the PTZ is generally 0 ° ~ 32 ° / s, and the vertical rotation speed is about 0 ° ~ 16 ° / s. In some high-speed camera system, the horizontal rotation speed of the pan / tilt is as high as 480 ° / s and the vertical rotation speed is above 120 ° / s.

In fact, the head is two AC motor or DC motor composed of the installation platform, can be horizontal and vertical movement. But we should pay attention to what we are talking about the PTZ is different from the camera equipment in the head, camera equipment, the head is generally only a tripod, only through the hand to adjust the position; and monitoring system said PTZ is through the control system In the distance can control its rotation and the direction of movement.

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