Long Range PTZ Thermal Imaging Camera

- Oct 25, 2017 -

Like many cutting-edge technologies, thermal imaging was first developed for military use in the 1950s and 1960s when the US successfully introduced cooled infrared detectors onto missiles. Infrared detectors eventually evolved into thermal imaging technology, which has made its way into non-military applications, and is now widely used in various areas such as industrial inspections, medical diagnoses, and in satellites. An important milestone in the advancement of this technology was the invention of uncooled infrared detectors, which enabled cheaper and easier to maintain thermal imaging products to make their way to the general market for use in applications including security surveillance, forest fire prevention, and power plant monitoring.

Product features

Highly integrated: The motor driving, decoding and power conversion functions of the PTZ are integrated into one circuit board.

Remote network management: Remote monitoring the operation status of equipment, abnormal/fault alarm automatically and equipment positioning at any time and any place.

Low power consumption: The power consumption of the whole PTZ is less than 35W, and the required solar panels and batteries are smaller (solar power supply).

Easy maintenance: Failure rate is low, no need to return factory for maintenance, operation and maintenance costs are almost negligible.


Product specifications

Load capacity


Mounting mode

Top mounted/Side mounted

Horizontal rotation angle

0360°Continuous rotation(adjustable)

Horizontal rotation speed


Vertical rotation angle


Vertical rotation speed


Running accuracy


Address range                                                       


Communication protocol

Pelco-D/Helpsoft, Selectable

Camera control                  

Adapt to a variety of lens preset position control automatically

Automatic cruise

Eight, each one can set 20 cruise points

Automatic reset

Can set 160 minutes automatic reset time

Vertical zero



Cast aluminum structure, special coating process

Input Voltage

DC24± 5%

Protection grade


Working temperature


State information return

Support Angle return and variable times information return

Communication mode                                    

RS-485, Network interface

Baud rate




Automatic scan


Telescope slow scan

Support to adjust speed automatically according to the different lens magnification.

Ethernet Interface

Two, Selectable

Transmission way

Worm and gear structure, self-locking

Rated power

35WNo heating element

Weight of PTZ


Environment humidity



Dimension Fig.(Unit:MM)


Application range

Forest fire prevention

Border&Coastal surveillance

Scenic areas monitoring

Highway and Expressway monitoring

Bird protection

Station/railway monitoring

City halls monitoring

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