Monitoring System For Safe City

- Dec 04, 2017 -

Monitoring System for Safe City


   Intelligent monitoring and management platform softwareHelpVMP V8.0is an application system for real-time monitoring, saving and processing of front-end base station monitoring video images and controlling and managing front-end base station equipment. It supports flexible and diversified deployment solutions to meet the large, medium and small projects in a variety of different environmental needs.Through intelligent early warning monitoring and management platform with the front-end smart devices in the discovery of unexpected events (such as natural disasters, fire, law and order incidents, etc.), the back-end monitoring and control center can be linked to alarm. SMS alarm host configuration, you can automatically send the alarm through the system to the staff SMS, video information. Because the monitoring and management platform system supports the networking function, the system has the function of networking with the systems of the upper and lower units and achieves a unified intelligent early warning monitoring and management platform.


   Monitoring System for Safe City from Xiuge-Tech can be used in forest fire prevention, safe city, intelligent transportation (highway, railway, port, pier, airport etc), water conservancy, maritime, fishery, electricity, environmental protection, petrifaction, border coastal defense and other important monitoring fields.  

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