Monitoring Technology To Protect Airports/train Stations Safety During The Spring Festival

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Monitoring technology to protect airports/train stations safety during the Spring Festival


1. Safeguard Function of Monitoring Technology in Airport Spring Transport Safety

Whether it is a large international airport or a regional domestic airport, its construction is directed toward a sound regional structure. The airport security monitoring system should also take into consideration the different environmental and functional characteristics of the entire airport, Inside and outside the region and the need to guard against the various uses of the airport building, do a good job of the specific environment link, equipment, construction and operation of the control configuration, according to various characteristics of the airport to build different security systems, can reasonably and effectively these systems Decentralized or centralized management mechanism and platform into a complete system architecture.


Taking an actual international airport construction as an example, it has a typical airport structure in various environmental areas. It includes a strict control of the main runway area, apron, maintenance hangar, oil storage, air traffic control center, tower platform, Weather radar station, near field control station and other control areas and semi-open public area boarding terminal, terminal passenger hall, security hall, customs, as well as internal operations of baggage transport, air cargo terminal, fire control center, homework Car parking, empty kitchen area, and finally the most peripheral passenger parking and other roads and other areas. So many different types of regional environment need to adopt specific security products and technologies, together with management to maximize the role of security. And these centralized or decentralized areas must have both independent and inter-related automated monitoring and management needs, and in the end management; around the monitoring system also includes the terminal central control room, exit and entry management center, the main leadership office of the terminal , Tower air traffic control center, baggage processing center, passenger service department, aviation security police station, customs control center, ground control room, security control center and airport fire brigade and other at least 10 primary and secondary control sites. Based on these environmental requirements, the main project of the system includes flight control system and CCTV monitoring system.


2.Safeguard Function of Monitoring Technology in Railway Station Spring Festival Transportation

The camera installed in the train station, some used for pit check security, and some for the security precautions in the station area, the basic coverage of the train station in all regions. Cameras are taken in high-definition video format, on duty staff on the square, ticket hall, waiting room, pit stop, platform, exit and other places of passenger flow and public order accurately grasp. At the same time, the camera can clearly and completely record the every move of lawless elements.


On the big screen in the monitoring and control center of the train station, real-time video information of multiple places such as the pit stop, the ticket hall and the waiting room can be clearly displayed at the same time. Operators want to see where the details, just double-click the corresponding screen on the computer screen, the real-time situation in the area can be full-screen zoom in on the big screen. Camera control all rely on the operator with the mouse on the computer screen to complete. The system is easy to operate, but also has real-time playback, site photography and other functions, part of the camera also has infrared night vision function. At the same time, the system can help railway police effectively curb illegal activities and detect cases; help citizens find separated relatives and friends, lost items, etc., to ensure that passengers travel safely.




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