Mounted Dual-Sensor Thermal Imaging CCTV Security Night Vision PTZ Camera

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Mounted Dual-Sensor Thermal Imaging CCTV Security Night Vision PTZ Camera


  PTZ zoom camera (PTZ camera) is a remote orientation and zoom control of the camera.


In television productions, PTZ Camera controls work with professional studios in television studios, sporting events and other spaces. They are often called robos, short for robot cameras. These systems can be remotely controlled by an automation system. PTZ Camera controllers are typically sold separately without a video camera, but can also be sold as a set like a Fletcher video camera.


The PTZ Camera is an abbreviation of Pan, Tilt and Zoom, which reflects the camera's movement options. Other types of cameras are PTZ or Virtual Pan / Tilt (VPTZ) where high-resolution cameras numerically magnify and pan a portion of an image without moving the physical camera. Ultra-low-bandwidth monitor streaming technology uses VPTZ to stream user-defined areas with higher quality without increasing overall bandwidth usage. This type of surveillance camera is usually connected to a digital video recorder that records full field of view with full quality.


PTZ cameras are commonly used for surveillance, video conferencing, live production, speech capture and distance learning applications.

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