Outdoor Thermal/Infrared PTZ Camera

- Nov 16, 2017 -



The Outdoor Thermal/Infrared PTZ Camera can perform intelligent analysis and processing and can be flexibly deployed to meet the application requirements for an industry.


The Outdoor Thermal/Infrared PTZ Camera highly integrates the functions for surge protection,information exchange,communication,consumption of equipment and improve the operating reliability of equipment.

Wear Resistance

The Outdoor Thermal/Infrared PTZ Camera is made of special alloy material subject to a high coefficient of friction resistance,with a service life of up to 10years.

Easy Maintenance

The Outdoor Thermal/Infrared PTZ Camera is designed with one integrated with one circuit board and rear-side opening,resulting in the maintenance cost being only a small percentage of that for traditional equipment.

IP66 Protection grade

The Outdoor Thermal/Infrared PTZ Camera is applied with anti-corrosive coating one the interface,being resistant to moisture,dust and corrosion.

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