- Apr 25, 2017 -

PTZ is installed, fixed camera support equipment, which is divided into two kinds of fixed and electric head. Fixed PTZ is suitable for monitoring the scope of the situation is not fixed in the fixed PTZ camera can be adjusted after the level of the camera and pitch angle, to achieve the best work posture as long as the adjustment of the adjustment mechanism on it. The electric head is suitable for scanning a wide range of surveillance, it can expand the scope of surveillance cameras. The high speed posture of the electric pan / tilt is achieved by two actuators, and the motor receives the signal from the controller precisely to operate the positioning. Under the action of the control signal, the camera on the PTZ can automatically scan the monitoring area, but also in the monitoring center on duty under the control of the monitoring object.

Heavy-duty digital PTZ is a high-performance product, which is used in the field of security for remoting video surveillance.

The overall use of cast aluminum structure.With wear-resistant, strong wind resistance, good sealing performance, it is fully dustproof and waterproof. With a protection grade of IP66, it can be used in harsh field environments.

The decoding, motor driving and power conversion functions of the PTZ are integrated into one pluggable circuit board. In the event of a failure, it can be solved simply by replacing the circuit board, and we give extra circuit board.

Internal use of worm structure, with self-locking power-down function , smooth operation , the product 360 ° horizontal continuous operation , With lubricating in the lifetime, the service life is long.

The PTZ is widely used in forest fire prevention, urban high-altitude monitoring, highway monitoring, intercity high-speed rail monitoring, harbor channel monitoring, power video surveillance, cross-sea (river) bridge monitoring, border&coastal defense and many other fields. 

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