PTZ Camera In India

- Jan 12, 2018 -

PTZ Camera in India

Twice in 2017, Chandigarh was notorious throughout the country, undermining the reputation of being a "safe city" for women. One of them was the case of Varnika Kundu in August of this year, in which young DJs were the target of two hot-man Vikas Barala and his friend Ashish. She was driving home, chasing her car through Chandigarh's carefully planned road to the highlight of the Housing Authority. There, a PCR flies are waiting to receive these men due to her presence and the quick reaction of the police.

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In the gangster case, when the victim asks why the autopilot is going in the wrong direction, he tells her she needs petrol, confidently drives to the gas station and even borrows money from a woman. However, the camera, which has been installed on the petrol pump, is recording the scene, capturing the image of the man and two of his accomplices, and most importantly, part of the registration number. This is another issue. The images are so vague that detectives have to focus some money on image-cleaning software to get actionable data from the movie. In a matter of days, three men were hunted and arrested.


Police asserted that CCTV cameras are now crucial to solving crime. An officer said: "As more and more immigrants become anonymous in the city, tracing criminals becomes very difficult." Advocate Munish Dewan said: "In fact, as more and more triads commit crimes, more and more Many immigrants is a problem. But we can not stop them from roaming in the country. Police have the responsibility to prevent and detect crimes committed by locals or immigrants. With the help of technology, the possibility of recent allegations of the three mafias, and more recently the discovery of CCTV cameras, in particular, through the installation of images of CCTV cameras installed at gas stations is a fresh example.


In this case, even a handful of clues provided by the CCTV camera can provide a major breakthrough and serve as an important proof of court prosecution. Citizens are more likely to engage in more surveillance due to public insecurity and increased fear of crime. Almost no one has heard about privacy and CCTV cameras and camera surveillance has become part of city life, streets, shops, homes and apartment buildings.

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