PTZ Rotation Speed

- Apr 25, 2017 -

The speed of rotation of the head is an important indicator of the level of the level of the head. The horizontal and vertical directions of the pan / tilt are driven by two different motors, so the speed of the pan / tilt is also divided into horizontal and vertical speeds. Due to the load, the vertical motor in the start and run to maintain the torque when the torque is greater than the horizontal direction, with the actual monitoring of the horizontal speed requirements higher than the vertical speed, so in general the vertical speed of PTZ Horizontal speed.

AC head using AC motor, the rotation speed is fixed, usually horizontal rotation speed of 4 ° / sec ~ 6 ° / s, vertical rotation speed of 3 ° / sec ~ 6 ° / sec. Some manufacturers also produce AC-type high-speed PTZ, can reach the level of 15 ° / sec, vertical 9 ° / sec, but the same series of high-speed carrying capacity will be reduced accordingly.

Most of the DC-type PTZ is a DC stepper motor, with high speed, variable speed advantages, very suitable for the need to quickly capture the target of the occasion. The highest level of its speed up to 40 ~ 50 ° / s, vertical up to 10 ~ 24 ° / sec. Another DC-type head has a variable speed function, the voltage is provided between DC 0 to 36V between the change voltage. The effect of the speed change is determined by the performance of the control system and the decoder so that the pan / tilt motor rotates according to the input voltage. There are two common types of variable speed control, one is the full speed control, that is, by detecting the operator control of the keyboard lever control the amount of input on the PTZ input voltage, full speed control is in the PTZ range to achieve a smooth Variable speed transition. The other is the sub-file progressive control, that is, in the PTZ range of a number of gears, the file corresponding to different voltage (speed), the operation must first select the desired speed of the file, The direction of the rotation operation.

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