Security Cvil Market Is Developing

- Nov 29, 2017 -

Security Cvil Market is Developing


  On December 11, 2016, CCTV's "Focus Interview" column, "Beware your life is being broadcast live", hit the peak of public opinions when discussing home video cameras and monitoring information security. Security civilian market once again entered the public's field of vision, compared to the existence of many security technology cottage cottage version of civilian security products, some large-scale industrial security companies such as Xiuge-tech and other companies in the security issues On a lot of safe. The development of these companies in the civilian market has also become the object of everybody's attention.


  In recent years, "Internet +" has burst into the global market, and the concepts of wireless, everything connected, and cloud are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Become security companies in the saturated market to enhance the development of several major directions. With the vigorous development of urbanization in our country, as well as the steady promotion of safe cities and smart transportation solutions, the ideology of national security has gradually taken shape and the demand for home security products and mini-surveillance systems has been greatly raised. The potential for security and civil markets has become infinite A blue sea.

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