The Angle Of Rotation Of The Pan / Tilt

- Apr 25, 2017 -

The rotation angle of the pan / tilt, especially the vertical rotation angle, is greatly related to the installation of the load (shield / camera / lens assembly). PTZ horizontal rotation angle can generally reach 355 °, because the limit bolt will take a certain angle, but there will be a little monitoring dead. The current head has improved the limiter so that it can reach 360 ° or even 365 ° (with a 5 ° coverage angle) to eliminate the dead ends. Users can use the actual situation according to the scene limit settings. For example, the wall mounted on the wall, even if the head has a 360 ° rotation angle, in fact only need to monitor the 180 ° angle of the front of the head, even if the rotation to the rear direction of 180 ° can only see the installation surface (wall ), There is no real monitoring significance. So the wall-mounted only need to monitor the level of 180 ° range, angle-mounted only need to monitor the 270 ° range. So to avoid too much rotation of the PTZ to the location without monitoring, but also provides the efficiency of the use of PTZ.

Top-mounted head of the vertical rotation angle is generally +30 ° to -90 °, side mounted vertical rotation angle can reach ± 180 °, but the normal use of vertical rotation angle of +20 ° to -90 ° can be.

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