The Best PTZ(Pan Tilt Zoom) Thermal Camera System In The World

- Jul 10, 2017 -


Our Intelligent PTZ Thermal Camera System for Forest Fire Prevention, Border and Coastal Surveillance, Safty City etc.application.

The long range PTZ and Pan Tilt surveillance system incorporate multi-sensor daytime CCTV and HD thermal imaging outdoor cameras to give you the ultimate in security performance at any time of day or night, in virtually any conditions.

The PTZ thermal imaging cameras are serious extra long range systems for the most critical applications. These easily mountable, highly mobile infrared camera systems can put up with anything you throw their way, and are perfect for military, law enforcement & border/homeland security operations. The Thermal Infrared Imaging Camera payloads are fully ruggedized and sealed military grade PTZ Pan Tilt Zoom platforms. The PTZ comes in MWIR (Mid Wave Infrared) and LWIR (Long Wave Infrared) and packs telephoto zoom long range optical lenses with Continuous Optical Zoom all the way to achieve Effective 3000MM focal Length and with Detection Ranges that Exceed 20 Kilometers. Ethernet, Ip, VOIP, Fiber and custom connections are available, LRF Laser Range Finders and a host of IR Laser illuminator & Multi Sensors are also available for inclusion on to the PTZ FLIR Camera, Contact Xiuge with your unique Custom applications. Long range LWIR and MWIR can be VERY Expensive, Xiuge will offer you the most rugged, affordable solution packing the highest quality sensors, IR illuminating lasers and optics with the highest performance possible!


■ Intellectualization

   The PTZ can perform intelligent analysis and processing, and can be flexibly deployed to 

   meet the application requirements for any industry.

■ Integration

   The PTZ highly integrates the functions for surge protection, information exchange, 

   communication, control, analysis and processing to reduce the power consumption of 

   equipment and improve the operating reliability of equipment.

■ Wear resistance

   The PTZ is made of special alloy material subject to a high coefficient of friction 

   resistance, with a service life of up to 10 years. 

■ Easy maintenance

   The PTZ is designed with one integrated circuit board and rear-side opening, resulting in 

   the maintenance cost being only a small percentage of that for traditional equipment.

■ IP66 protection grade

   The PTZ is applied with anti-corrosive coating on the surface, being resistant to 

   moisture, dust and corrosion.

■ Warranty period: 10 years of free maintenance

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