The Internal Structure Of The Pan / Tilt

- Apr 25, 2017 -

There are two motors in the omnidirectional pan / tilt, which are responsible for the rotation of the head of the head and up and down. Its working voltage also determines the overall working voltage of the PTZ, generally have AC 24V, AC 220V and DC 12V. When the upper and lower action voltage is received, the vertical motor rotates and the vertical drive wheel is driven by the gearbox. When the left and right operating voltages are received, the horizontal motor rotates and drives the horizontal gear wheel at the bottom of the pan / The

It should be noted that the head has a horizontal, vertical limit bolt, PTZ, respectively, by the two micro-switch to achieve limit function. When the rotation angle reaches the preset limit bolt, the micro switch action to cut off the power, the head stops rotating. Limit device can be located outside the PTZ, the adjustment process is simple, can also be located inside the PTZ, through the adjustment of the peripherals to adjust the adjustment process is relatively complex. But the external limit device of the PTZ seal is not as good as the built-in limit device PTZ.

Outdoor PTZ and indoor PTZ roughly the same, but because of the larger outdoor protective cover, so that the load capacity of the PTZ must be increased. At the same time, the outdoor environment of hot and cold changes, vulnerable to rain or wet erosion. So the outdoor head is generally designed to seal rain. In addition the outdoor PTZ also has a high torque and choke protection circuit to prevent the pan stop when forced to start and burn the motor. In the harsh conditions of low temperature can also be installed inside the PTZ temperature control heater.

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