The Weight Of The Pan / Tilt

- Apr 25, 2017 -

The maximum load of the pan / tilt means the maximum load capacity in the vertical direction. The center of gravity of the camera (including the shield) to the head of the pan / tilt is 50mm. The center of gravity must pass through the center of rotation of the head and head, and it is perpendicular to the working surface of the pan / tilt. This center is the maximum load point of the head. Is based on this point as the basis for design calculations. If the load position is improperly installed, the center of gravity deviates from the center of rotation, increasing the load torque and the actual load will be less than the maximum load. So the greater the vertical rotation angle of the head, the greater the deviation from the center of gravity, the corresponding load the smaller the weight.

PTZ load is the key to the choice of PTZ, if the head load is less than the actual load weight will not only reduce the operating function, and PTZ motor, gear will be damaged due to prolonged overload. PTZ of the actual load from 3kg to 50kg range, the same series of PTZ products, side loading capacity is greater than the top loading, high-speed type of carrying capacity to be less than ordinary type.

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