Uncooled Infrared Imager Is Used Widely

- Dec 15, 2017 -

Uncooled infrared imager is used widely


In the past decade, the uncooled infrared imaging market has been dominated by defense applications, and commercial applications have since skyrocketed. At present, the growth drivers for the uncooled infrared imaging market are primarily derived from thermal imaging, surveillance, personal vision systems (PVS) and security markets. However, the high cost of this technology limits the development of microbolometers in niche markets and mid-size applications.


However, this situation is changing. With the introduction of new manufacturing processes such as wafer-level optics (WLO), wafer-level packaging (WLP), and silicon lenses, their manufacturing costs are declining, along with the public's increased awareness of infrared vision applications, Refrigerated infrared imaging opens a new chapter. A good example of this is the successful commercialization of the world's first smart phone with integrated FLIR Infrared Vision - the 2016 S60.

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