Weatherproof Wireless Security Camera System Enclosure Outdoor

- Jul 20, 2017 -


Technical Specification of Camera Housing A


1. No wipers, nano-glass which makes no water or dust can stick to the glass.

2. Built-in intelligent temperature control system to ensure the normal working all day of the equipment inside the housing.

3. Rail-type sliding structure, easy to install and maintain

4. Protection class is IP68


Product description
This camera housing is for protection the camera and ensure the camera normal working in the harsh environment. The housing takes double aluminum alloy sheet metal structure and double central control heating window structure, built-in insulation materials that fire rating is no less than B2 to ensure the insulation effect of housing. The camera housing is also built in intelligent temperature control system, not only meet the requirements of low temperature in winter, but also meet the requirements of high temperature environment in summer. The surface of housing is painted with special coating, it has the characteristics of sunscreen, rain-proof, anti-freeze, anti-fog, anti-corrosion and so on, to achieve the industry's highest IP68 protection level. Unique pluggable rail structure design, easy to install, repair and maintenance.


Comparison between Xiuge camera housing without wiper and the traditional camera housing with wiper

Xiuge camera housing without wiper

Traditional camera housing with wiper

With or without wipers

In order to solve the technical problems without wipers, getting nano coating to the glass to make it not sticky with any dust or water. Keep a clear picture always from the front-end base station back to the command center, it is more suitable for the harsh environment of the wild.

Usually use a wiper to remove the rain, snow and dust that on the line of sight, this method will not be suitable for using in the wild environment.

The housing is dry scraping in the field. Window glass is easy to be scratched, and the wiper is rubber product, after long time of wind and rain, easily produce aging, hardening, cracks and other phenomena. Affect the quality of video capture, and ultimately affect the intelligent recognition ability of forest fire warning and alarm.

Intelligent temperature control

Built-in intelligent temperature control system and temperature sensor, when the temperature sensor detects the temperature inside the housing is lower than the normal operating temperature, the system will automatically open the insulation control system, when the temperature sensor detects the temperature is higher than the normal operating temperature, it will automatic turn on the fan and vent to cool down.

No intelligent temperature control system.


Technical parameters

Power supply

Camera work power supply is 12VDC, heater power supply is 24VDC.


Heater: power is 5W, maximum power is 15W (optional); fan: maximum power is 2.5W; 

defrost (remote control): 10W (intermittent use)

Dimensions (L*W*H)


Installation maximum space (L*W*H)


Effective window area


Deodorization function

Support, manual open

Protection class




Working temperature

-35℃-60°C (when heating)

Structural materials

Cast aluminum alloy, rail-type sliding structure

The outdoor camera housing is widely used in forest fire prevention, safe city, intelligent transportation (highway, railway, port, pier, airport, etc.), agriculture and forestry, hydropower, maritime fishery, electricity, environmental protection, outdoor fire, border coastal defense and other important monitoring fields. 

Drafted by Chongqing Xiuge Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

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