Xiuge Tech Thermal PTZ Camera Is High Regarded In 2017 CPSE

- Nov 06, 2017 -

On 19th Oct. to 1st Nov., Chongqing Xiuge Tech Attend the CPSE in Shenzhen. The Thermal PTZ system and the intelligent monitoring box have gained good reputation for their highly integrated structure,unique design,and outstanding overall performance. 


The highly received thermal PTZ camera system is composed of both thermal camera and visible camera, and it can detect a range of 3km-10km. The system can be used in forest fire prevention, border and coastal surveillance, safe city, intelligent transportation etc.



The intelligent monitoring box can be used for monitoring all the front-end equipment as it can be connected to all the sensors such as the camera, the speaker,the temperature and humidity, direction of wind, strength of wind etc. The biggest advantages of our products: it has been highly integarted and also has the remote control function.


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