Outdoor Motorized Heavy Duty Pan Tilt Motor

Outdoor Motorized Heavy Duty Pan Tilt Motor Product Descriptions This series of Outdoor Motorized Heavy Duty Pan Tilt is a high-performance monitoring product that is applicable to the fields. The products are designed according to the military standard, integrate the PTZ decoding, motor drive,...

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Outdoor Motorized Heavy Duty Pan Tilt Motor


Product Descriptions

This series of Outdoor Motorized Heavy Duty Pan Tilt is a high-performance monitoring product that is applicable to the fields. The products are designed according to the military standard, integrate the PTZ decoding, motor drive, power conversion and other functions into one pluggable board, which is easy to install and can achieve the "fool" maintenance on the spot, greatly save the maintenance time and reduce the operation and maintenance costs of the system. This product set low power consumption, wear resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, integrated lightning protection and other characteristics in one, smooth operation, and can be used in harsh outdoor conditions. Fully sealed worm and gear drive design, with self-locking function, and uniform lubrication, so it has a long service life.

Product features

1. Top mounted, the maximum load capacity is 50Kg

2.Aluminum alloy material with good protection performance against fire,rain,wind,moisture and corrosion

3. Worm and gear drive mode, it can be self-locking when power off

4. The main control circuit board can be pluggable, it is easy to maintenance

5. Integrate the motor drive, PTZ decoding and power inverter into one circuit board

6. Protection class is IP66

Comparison between Xiuge heavy duty PTZ and the traditional heavy duty PTZ

Xiuge heavy duty digital ptz

Traditional heavy duty digital ptz


All the control circuit system integrated into one circuit board (obtained national patent). 
The circuit board is designed to be pluggable, and have the box shell opened where place the control circuit board (obtained national patents).
When there is something wrong with the circuit board, no need to dismantle and move the whole ptz, simply open the the box housing maintenance window, then you can replace the circuit board, quickly complete the repair.

The traditional PTZ is composed of a number of circuit boards together to form the circuit control system, once there is something wrong with the ptz, the maintenance personnel can only remove the whole PTZ back to the factory and repair. The  weight of PTZ itself is heavy, usually needs 4-5 people can lift the ptz on the tower through the pulley to the ground. 

Power consumption

To partial heating and partial insulation to the circuit board in low temperature environment, low power consumption, PTZ power is less than 40W. 

The traditional PTZ power is about 85W, the construction and maintenance costs will be higher when in the wind energy, solar power supply, power storage system.

Wear resistance

Mechanical parts use high wear resistance special alloy materials with special processing and make its lifespan be up to 10 years, far more than military quality.

In order to reduce the cost of products, it usually takes low wear resistance materials to make the mechanical parts of the ptz. And the quality is greatly reduced.

Low temperature resistance

Using one circuit board integrated design, equipped with heating components, fixed to the bottom of the circuit board.
Can be partial heating and partial insulation to the circuit board to make sure the normal working of the Electronic Component in low temperature environment.

Many circuit boards are dispersed in the metal box of the ptz, due to the dispersion of the circuit boards, heating is uneven; Besides due to the metal box, faster heat conduction and heat loss, therefore it can not be effective heating and insulation. 

Lightning protection

Using integrated lightning protection, effectively protect the equipment from lightning through lightning overload protector, and combined with the double grounding technology of tower lighting protection, formed a multiple lightning protection system from the inside and outside.

The PTZ itself does not have the lightning protection function, all connect external lightning protection box and lightning protection equipment for lightning protection system, however, the installation and wiring of external lightning protection is more complex, it is easy to cause the incorrect of installation and wiring. So the PTZ works in the case of invalid lightning protection, it will increase the failure rate by lightning. 

Network management

The central processing unit on the PTZ control circuit board monitors and returns the operating parameters of the functional modules of the PTZ. Through the standard communication protocol, the parameter information is sent to the monitoring center to realize the remote network management of the board and the equipment in the PTZ.

Do not have the function of parameters back to the background monitoring center, the user can not accurately understand the running status of PTZ and the carrying equipment and can not effectively carry out network management to the equipment.

Patent products, counterfeiting not allowed; Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

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