High Efficiency Outdoor Integrated/All in One Outdoor Intelligent Network Forest Fire Security Surveillance/Monitoring PTZ System

Intelligent Network All-in-one PTZ (Bilateral mounted)
■ Intellectualization The PTZ can perform intelligent analysis and processing, and can be flexibly deployed to meet the application requirements for an industry.
■ Integration The PTZ highly integrates the functions for surge protection,...

Product Details

Intelligent Network All-in-one PTZ (Bilateral mounted)


■ Intellectualization

The PTZ can perform intelligent analysis and processing, and can be flexibly deployed to meet the application requirements for an industry.

■ Integration

The PTZ highly integrates the functions for surge protection, information exchange, communication, control, analysis and processing to reduce the power consumption of equipment and improve the operating reliability of equipment.

■ Wear resistance

The PTZ is made of special alloy material subject to a high coefficient of friction resistance, with a service life of up to 10 years. 

■ Easy maintenance

The PTZ is designed with one integrated circuit board and rear-side opening,resulting in the maintenance cost being only a small percentage of that for traditional equipment.

■ IP66 protection grade

The PTZ is applied with anti-corrosive coating on the surface, being resistant to moisture, dust and corrosion.

■ Mounting mode

The PTZ can be bilateral mounted.

■ Warranty period: 10 years of free maintenance

Scope of application:This product is widely used in important sectors involved in forest fire prevention, defense works along rivers, sea-crossing/river-crossing bridge, expressway, intercity high speed railway,high-voltage transmission lines and other important areas, etc.

Main Introduction

The PTZ is a network digital surveillance product that integrates the functions of visible light detection and double-spectrum infrared thermography detection and implements the function for smart analysis. It integrates the intelligent identification processor to serve as a network, intelligent and all-in-one machine that achieves the functions for analysis and identification, information exchange, communication, and control. With the background application system, it can accurately locate a position in 3D and programmable mode.

Technical specification

Camera movement


Sensor Type : 1/2.8" Progressive Scan CMOS

Fireworks visible recognition: support inline (standard: not provide)

Effective pixels : 2 million pixels

Horizontal rotation angle: 0 ~ 360 ° continuous rotation

Video Output: network coding output

Vertical rotation angle: -90 ° ~ + 20 °

Resolution : 1920×1080:50HZ:25fps;60HZ:30fps;1280×720:50HZ:25fps, 60HZ:30fps

Horizontal rotation speed: 0.1 ° ~ 16 ° / S

Lens focal length : 8-250mm, 32 x optical zoom

Vertical rotation speed: 0.1 ° ~ 8 ° / S

Aperture value : F1.6 ~ 6.1

Communication: RS-485 / RS422 (standard does not provide)

Day and night mode : ICR filter chip

Ethernet interfaces: one 10 / 100M Ethernet port

Electronic through fog : support

Telephoto slow-scan function: Support

Thermal Imaging

Vertical return "0": Support

Pixels : 384 × 288

Rye Preset: Support

Camera : 75mm

Autotrack cruise: Support

Field frequency : 50Hz

Information Return: support the angle and zoom information return

Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference : ≤70mK @ f / 1,300K

Anti-salt spray: PH value of between 6.5-7.2, after 48 hours of continuous spraying, the machine is working properly, no significant changes in the surface

Wavelength range: 8 ~ 14μm

Heat alarm: support, built-in equipment

Resolution: 704 × 576

Self-locking function: The worm gear design, with self-locking function

Video Output: network coding output

Protection: IP66

Focus motor interface: Support

Surge Protection: GB / T 17626.5


Operating voltage: DC12V ± 5%

External dimensions (length × width × height): 435mm × 350mm × 330mm

Operating temperature: -25 ° ~ + 60 °

Optional:Camera , thermal imager and camera

Humidity: <90% RH

Material: cast aluminum structure, worm transmission power interface design; special coating process

Weight: 12.5Kg

Structural feature: Separate structure for the cabin and pluggable design for the master control circuit board facilitate the maintenance conducted by the customer.

Bearer: Bilateral carrier

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