Intelligent Network Pan And Tilt Camera For Intelligent Forest Fire Monitoring System

Intelligent Network Pan And Tilt Camera For Intelligent Forest Fire Monitoring System

Intelligent Network PT camera Features Ø Top load, the maximum load is 15Kg Ø Worm and gear drive mode, it can be self-locking when power off Ø Mechanical structure and control circuit are separated Ø The main control circuit can be pluggable, easy to maintenance for users Ø Protection class is...

Product Details


Technical Specifications of Intelligent Network PT Camera



  • Top load, the maximum load is 15Kg

  • Worm and gear drive mode, it can be self-locking when power off

  • Mechanical structure and control circuit are separated 

  • The main control circuit can be pluggable, easy to maintenance for users

  • Protection class is IP66

Product descriptions

     This intelligent network PT is suit for the field monitoring with high performance. The whole product takes cast aluminum material and takes the anti-strong wind structure, with high and low temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance, smooth operation, and it can be used in harsh outdoor conditions. Fully sealed worm and gear drive design, with self-locking function, and lubrication, so the service life is long. This PT can achieve 360 ° horizontal continuous rotation, set pre-set, automatic scanning, automatic cruise, automatic watch, telescope and slowly scan and many other functions in one. This product is used with telephoto lens and network camera and suit for the conditions of high positioning accuracy and large area monitoring. 

Dimensions (Unit: mm)


Technical specifications

Toad way

Top load

Load weight


Horizontal rotation angle

0360°continuous rotation

Vertical rotation angle


Horizontal rotation speed


Vertical rotation speed


Operation accuracy


Status information feedback

support the angle and zoom information return




RS-485 , Network Interface



Baud rate

2400/4800/9600/19,200 bps

Lens control

Adaptive all kinds of lens presetting control

Preset (s)


Automatic cruise

9 routes, each route can be set 20 cruise points

Automatic scanning


Automatic reset

Can set 1 to 60 minutes automatic reset time

Telescope slow-scan function

Supports automatic adjustment of the speed with the different lens magnification

Vertical return to " 0"


Optional configuration

Remote network management module, intelligent analysis module

Ethernet interface

2 port, 1 access to IP camera, 1 for external connection

Relay auxiliary switch output

6 group


Cast aluminum structure, special coating process

Drive way

worm and gear drive, self-locking

Input voltage


Rated power

35W (Without heating)

Protection class




Operating temperature

-40℃~ 65

Environment humidity



L×W×H: 195mm×180mm×320mm

Application of scope:

It is widely used in forest fire prevention, safe city, intelligent transportation (highway, railway, port, pier, airport, etc.), agriculture and forestry, hydropower, Maritime fishery, electricity, environmental protection, outdoor fire, border coastal defense and other important monitoring fields.

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